The Word add-in ePUB Tools includes several options that can help you create an e-book. This should work on Microsoft Word 2007 and up. It will not work on a Mac. No support for Mac will be given, blame Microsoft for not delivering the required libraries.


This add-in provides several procedures to create e-books from MS Word documents. These are usually not yet suitable for immediate publication, but offer a good basis for editing, for example in Sigil or the Calibre editor. The (X)HTML that is produced by this add-in is clean and much better than the HTML export feature of Word.

The add-in has many procedures that will help in the process. There are several procedures to support the main flow:

  • Postprocess OCR
  • Search/Replace activities
  • Convert to clean HTML
  • Create ePUB

There are many other procedures to give additional help. A selection of these are:

  • Check Dialogues
  • Check Accents
  • Check for super- and subscript
  • Check for smallcaps (both existing and potential)
  • Check images
  • Insert several types of break indicators
  • Alternative spelling check
  • Import ePUB
  • Export equations
  • many more

If the source document originates from OCR, it is assumed to have been created by ABBYY FineReader. Other OCR applications can of course be used as well and will not give issues whatsoever.


The images in this document may be outdated, but should not cause any issues.